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Only For You is a brand with a tradition on the Romanian market, whose story began in 1998, with the opening of the first store in Bucharest.

Only For You outfits stand out for their elegance and finesse, attracting emancipated people, refined and eager to change, who are not afraid to combine the classic with the avant-garde in terms of clothing.

We offer all the ingredients for a look that is always fresh, elegant and sophisticated, respecting the trends and chromatics of the latest fashion aspirations.

The clothing collections are complemented by all the elements of a perfect look through jewelry, shoes and handbags, making up an image of a sophisticated, classy and tasteful lifestyle.

Only For You products can be bought from the online store that you can find at, but you can also see some of the products in the collections on the Facebook page: Only for You Romania.


Only is located in the centers:

Winmarkt Ploiești


Floor 1

Phone: 0727.770.359

Time schedule:

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 21:30