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We strongly believe that a clothing brand should not be worn as a symbol of social status. We believe that an authentic brand should be synonymous with comfortable and exceptional clothes, an optimistic brand, totally dedicated to innovation and exploring new styles. In other words, we created the TIMEOUT brand for those who are ready to live their lives to the fullest, surrounded by friends, immersed in love and happiness, who do not tolerate discrimination, and who do not want to waste a moment being selfish.

As soon as we realized that the ideas behind TIMEOUT and the first collections were gaining recognition among the ingenious fashionistas with similar philosophies of life, we boldly crossed the ocean and introduced the TIMEOUT brand to many European countries since 1995.

Still a follower of the founding ideas, TIMEOUT has become a growing global family of designers and friendly staff from all over the world, united by a common and unreserved dedication to the FEEL ALIVE philosophy.

Tel: 0722 699 128


Timeout can be found in the centers:

Winmarkt Ploiești

Location: 1st Floor