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Winmarkt is the most widespread network of shopping centers in Romania.

Winmarkt’s portfolio consists of 14 shopping centers and an office building located in the central areas of 13 cities, out of which 12 are county capital cities, as well as an office building.

The Winmarkt shopping centers were built in the center of cities in order to become the main shopping destinations of their inhabitants and their favorite meeting place. Therefore, in every city, and regardless of the competition, Winmarkt is part of people’s daily life.

The Winmarkt network of shopping centers was acquired in March 2008 by IGD, an Italian company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. In addition to the properties in Romania, the IGD  portfolio also includes 23 shopping galleries and 19 hypermarkets, all of them in Italy, their total value amounting to 2,5 billion Euros.



We are the center of the city.

We are the most important shopping destination, consolidated in time.

We shall continue to strengthen our position, being certain that, regardless of the future developments of the market, our locations will still represent the first option for retailers and customers.



Our mission is to provide the best product on the market, the interests of our stakeholders being our main concern.

Our objectives are not just targets to be reached, but a continuous process through which we intend to  responsibly run our activity as a sustainable business.

This is why we constantly focus on our stakeholders’ expectations, and especially on:

  • satisfying the needs of our customers by offering them a diversity of products and services;
  • providing our business partners with the best conditions;
  • sensuring a stable and long term profit to our shareholders;
  • offering a professional and honest working environment to our employees;
  • involving in the life of the local community and supporting its interests;
  • running our activity with respect for the environment, preserving it for our future generations.



Our most precious capital and the key to our success are the people.

As the satisfaction of our customers depends on the result of our team’s joint efforts, a fundamental principle of our company is to maintain a high level of commitment in parallel with the process of sustaining a continuous development of the skills of our employees and of their passion to shine.

The retail market is very competitive, and we are determined to perform at the highest level in order to reach our goals.

We strongly believe that integrity, honesty, respect and reputation are vital instruments to a win-win business.