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Download the anti-bribery policy

Winmarkt carries out its activity based on ethical and integrity values ​​and principles, policies, which must be respected both within it and in the relationship with business partners. Through the anti-bribery policy, implemented by the company, standards of behavior are established aimed at minimize the risk of bribery in the work carried out by employed personnel, in relations with business partners or in relations with government entities.

Bribery is defined as: promising, offering, performing, requesting or accepting either directly or through a third party, any advantage to induce or reward, act or not act in connection with the performance of a person’s duties.

Failure to comply with the anti-bribery policy could harm the company’s reputation, image, clientele or market position. It could also undermine the trust and relationships the company has built in the marketplace with its customers.

In order to prevent these shortcomings, the company has proposed a notification mechanism available both to the employed staff and to the customers, business partners, through which possible violations or suspected violations of the provisions of the anti-bribery policy can be reported, being the confidentiality of the information received is also guaranteed.

Thus, through the existing reporting procedure, every employee, partner, collaborator, client, service provider, should report any direct or indirect request to obtain payments, goods, travel, personal assistance or other benefits for a person or their relatives or another beneficiary, in connection with the performance of a person’s duties.